In the fall of 2014, we submitted a request for Federal Grant money. It is an old house and the flooring had never been replaced. We constantly fight bed bug infestations, chipped linoleum, worn and torn carpet.

A year later, a city housing and redevelopment specialist administered grant funding through the federal government and told us we received funding. Beginning in 2016, we received notice of the grant monies, but the person we were working with was no longer there. The worst part was we only received 2/3 of the dollars we requested.

We met City Housing specialist, Ivan Gonzales, who helped explain the process, requirements and paperwork portion of the grant in order to comply with the funding awarded. Our contractor, Allen Connerley and his crew, did a good job installing the flooring and complying with government requirements. Fortunately, we were able to get the flooring and fix some areas of the house in desperate need of repair.