Normally, the amount of time of stay at Catholic Worker House is 30 days for single women and 60 days for families. Occasionally, we have someone who has a need that is much different from our average client. When I met Ms. Mary in May 2014, I knew we were in for a long journey! She first came to us and didn’t want us to be “all in her business”. Mary needed to be able to trust someone and did not know where to turn. She was angry and closed off from society. It took a while for us to gain Mary’s trust, but after we did, we met an entirely different person! We learned of a person with a troubled past and active addiction. She was a woman, a mother, a wife and a friend. Due to her criminal past along with a mixture of the new rules in association with rentals in our community, it was nearly impossible to find her a place to rent. In October, we were able to place Mary in a room with a friend next door. It was ideal as we are able to keep an eye on her. I hate to see clients just pushed out the door. All I can think is, “What if this were my mother or grandmother?” We check on Mary daily to ensure she has the things she needs as well as some conversation! We have connected her with Aging Services and Meals on Wheels to ensure she is being taken care of. We will now work with Mary to get her into permanent supportive housing in the community.