Project Description

Stacey: Believing in Herself

When Stacey, her husband, and their daughter arrived at Catholic Worker House, Stacey didn’t know 17 months later she’d leave a single mom. Life changes, but it’s what you do with those changes that matters, and Stacey and her daughter Lilly thrived. Just like the beautiful succulents Stacey grew and cared for, and was often sharing with staff.

While at Catholic Worker House, Stacey set out and achieved goal after goal. She got off of probation, got her driver’s license back, and was able to save enough money to buy a car. She also began collecting items she would need for her eventual transition out to their own home. Catholic Worker House also stepped up and was able to help secure a table, chairs, and a loveseat for their new home, as well as a much-anticipated Christmas tree as they were preparing to leave close to the holidays.

With the assistance of Section 8, Stacey and her daughter are enjoying being on their own and have enjoyed reuniting with her other daughter and son and spending regular, quality time together. But the real reason for their success wasn’t the items given or the money saved, it was the fact Stacey learned to believe in herself. Our house was filled with love and plants while they were us, but nothing makes us smile as much as knowing they are happy and healthy out in the world together.

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