Martina Kelm came to us in August 2010. Her son Nathaniel was 10 months old at the time, and she was 12 weeks pregnant with her next son, Parker. Martina had suffered from a long history of IV meth use, sexual abuse and abandonment. Almost since birth, Martina has faced trials and tribulations. Martina also has three other boys: Rian 10, Dominick 9, and Andrew 4. These three boys were placed with family as it was best for them at the time.

At Martina’s worst, she didn’t care what was going to happen to her, let alone her children. Martina entered ASAC’s Heart of Iowa Program in February 2010. During this time, she also built a great support system with Mark from Celebrate Recovery, her godparents Sherryl and Ernie Rairdin, and Alec and Wendy Millis. With their support, love and kindness, Martina was able to find herself again.

When Martina came to us as a resident, she was ready for something different! As she was preparing to move out of our House, she was able to secure an affordable apartment for herself, Nathaniel, and soon-to-be-born Parker. Martina has since come back to the House as a weekend staff member here. She recently started at the Partnership for Safe Families Parent Partner Program to become a Parent Partner in training.

Martina’s journey is one of inspiration and strength. Not only did she make it out of the depths of despair with her drug addiction, but she also made a wonderful life for her and her boys. Not only does she have Parker and Nathaniel with her, but she is also building relationships with all of her boys. Martina should be very proud of all the accomplishments she has made.

Not only has she become a wonderful mom but also a beautiful and caring woman. On Valentine’s Day, Martina will have been drug free for two years. We are so thankful to have Martina as part of our family.